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Dear friends!

This page is dedicated firstly to hobby - run for the wellness, but also to the races and to the activities, which couse heigher degree of motivation to the effort... I created this page because I self go in this hobby - I offen run for the fysical condition and for improving the performance. 

One week ago (27.08.2005) I was on the Little marathon of Svratka and on the Twenty five of Brno (propositions), which usually take place the second Saturday in september, this year at 10.09.2005. For anybody may be attractive the race of CR 100 km (08.10.2005) in Břeclav. At 10.09.2005 took place the European 100 km race in Winschoten (Results in xls).

This year I took part in an interesting action of the ultramaratonners - TMMTR, which from a couple of impressions are on the notice board of collectors of marathons on the Slovakia and as well here (updated and extended version of document).

There is further interesting local event (for city Brno and its neighbourhood) Running Cup of Brno. It took place from 14.11.2004 to 02.04.2005 (Photogalery).

You are maybe interested to in that, in the days 23.10.-24.10. 2004 took place in Brno (Czech Republic) outstanding event - World and European 24 hours run chalenge (for teams and individuals in the Open race). It took place in the quarter Vinohrady of city Brno. You can look at photogalery.

Bellow are the references to another webs in Czech language about my work, etc...

Svatopluk Sedláček

Updated 01.08.2005


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